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Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

It hasn’t been my best week. It’s been one of those weeks when I got blind sided (spiritually and emotionally) and it was painful. A few days later, I got up early one morning and staggered to my devotional time, opening the Word in an effort nourish myself with the Bread.

I open to the book of John where I’ve been reading for weeks.

And, there it was.

The words jumped out at me. So simple and yet so profound.

“Now Jesus was in great anguish of spirit, and he exclaimed, ‘The truth is, one of you will betray me!'” John 13:21

He knows anguish.

He knows betrayal.

He knows how I feel.

That’s all I needed to hear.

No matter what you are facing today, Jesus knows how you feel. And, He is there for you.


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2 replies

  1. Thank you Amy! I needed to hear that today and I was drawn to the site…..God’s work!
    Miss you! Love to all!


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