Women of the Way

Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

Holy Space

It could be on the couch with a cup of tea……………

It could be sharing a plate of chips and salsa………….

Or, it could be hanging out around the Christmas tree……………

Holy Space.

Sometimes, the most holy of times don’t happen during the sermon or the hymn or the offering. Sometimes, the closest moments to God are in the most ordinary of situations. Those moments may seem ordinary to the casual onlooker but actually are deep, powerful heart connections, and God is right there in the midst.

When a couple of women get together to share their deepest longings, heart-felt dreams, biggest failures, and the most private of thoughts, it is holy and sacred because having that safe person to share with can be the most encouraging and healing thing we can do for each other.

Women need to speak, share, vent to help process their thoughts and emotions. It helps to sort it out in our minds when we say it out loud to another understanding soul. And for someone who’s been there to say, “No, honey, you’re not crazy!”

Through sharing the laughter, tears, and yes….chocolate…..God is right there in the middle of it bringing encouragement, peace, joy. Hearts walk away having lightened their heavy loads.

If your heart is heavy, reach out to that trusted girlfriend or mentor. Get into some Holy Space.

If you think of a friend and it’s been way to long, find the time to call her up. She may need some Holy Space.



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