Helping Christian women foster unity and oneness in believers by helping them create opportunities to build unity in their community.

Get outside the walls of your church and build unity in your community!

Create an Event

Learn how to create an event in your own community.

Foster Relationships

Learn how to gather people together from different churches.

Support Local Organizations

Learn how to give back to local charities.

Inspire the Body of Christ

Learn how to build God's Kingdom.

About the Workshop

Join Amy Satterfield from Women of the Way for a 60 min workshop on how to Build Unity in Your Community! Learn the strategies and process for creating an event that includes churches, ministries, and organizations in your community so you can foster relationships and build unity with other believers.  This workshop takes place through zoom. Sign up for details on the next available workshop. Downloadable Bonus material is included. Get outside the four walls of your individual church and connect with the larger Body of Christ!

Women of the Way 2013

What Others Have to Say

I LOVED your workshop! You gave us real and Biblical ways to connect with other churches in our community to build unity and fellowship! I personally loved how you shared how God called you personally to step out and reach out and provide such an amazing ministry! Thank you!
Sandi Pierce
I did enjoy the workshop and hope to use some of them in the future.
Carol Clevenger