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Bible Study

Fulfill Your Calling: Sacred or Secular

Imagine you are in church 500 years ago. The clergy were the only ones who could read and understand the Bible. The clergy were the only ones that received the full communion of bread and wine. The ordained ministers made decisions about people’s spiritual lives as well as lots of other decisions in public life. Being an ordained minister during that time meant the clergy had a very special and […]

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Prepare the Way for Advent

I know we’re all getting ready for Thanksgiving this week. I love all the family and food and having a wonderful week off from school! Thanksgiving Blessings help me to think about Advent coming up. Advent was not part of my church experience growing up. I really didn’t know what it was all about until a handful of years ago. Since participating in the observance of Advent in the last […]

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We’re supposed to delight in God, but does He delight in us?

It takes a lifetime to delight in God. In my effort to live for Him, the struggle against my flesh to do the disciplines I know I’m supposed to do isn’t always easy. I wrote back in the summer about discipline turning into delight which has been a beautiful journey. Like any relationship it takes intentional thought and practice to delight in someone. With learning any skill, it takes practice […]

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