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Heroes of the Faith: Daniel, part 2

There’s SO much great stuff in Daniel that I had to break this part of the study into 2 sections. You can read Part 1 here, then let’s pick up where we left off! Daniel’s suffering and persecution- In chapter 9, during the reign of the new king, Darius, we find Daniel, once again, praying. As he read the writings of Jeremiah and mourned over the condition of Jerusalem, the […]

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Heroes of the Faith: Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet

There’s a first time for everything. Usually, in this Women of the Way space, we discuss and study significant women of the Bible. Sometimes, we even learn about women of faith through the stories of history. For the first time on WoW, however,  let’s study some men who were also great Heroes of the Faith. Just as if their lives were like a garden of roses, through their ministries, they […]

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