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From His Birth to His Resurrection: Mary Magdalene

Finally, here is the last installment of the Women of the Way series on Biblical women from Christ’s birth to His resurrection. We discussed Mary here and Mary and Martha here. Of course, we can’t finish a discussion of these awesome women without including Mary Magdalene. There’s probably no other woman in the bible who’s been more controversial or misrepresented than Mary Magdalene. Throughout history she has been presented in […]

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From His Birth to Resurrection: Mary and Martha

Has there ever been a woman in your life in which you had conflict, contentions or just rubbed you the wrong way? Never, right?? Suuuure………… Continuing with the Women in the Life of Christ series, this question makes me think of the well-known Bible sister-duo: Mary and Martha. We love those gals, don’t we?┬áMary and Martha’s journey is so classic and life applicable to our own journeys. We’ve heard so […]

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