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Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

Followers of Christ

Mundane or Ministry??

In this pursuit in becoming more like Christ,  I have to stop and ask “am I allowing God to use every area of my life for Him?” Even though I have been raised in the church, a Christian most of my life, and I love working and serving in ministry, I have been confronted with the areas of my life that I don’t allow God to use as “ministry” . […]

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“Lord, I want to be a reflection of Your love. Lord, I want to be a mirror of Your Grace. Refine me by Your fire, drawing out impurities Until all it is You see is Jesus’ face.” I want to know Jesus. Really know Him. I want my relationship with Christ to be deeply intimate and profoundly personal. I want to talk with Him and hear his voice like a […]

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