Women of the Way

Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

About Amy

Hi! My name is Amy Satterfield. It’s so nice for you to join me here! I wear many hats- wife for 24 years, mother of 4 beautiful, talented, wild children, speech-language pathologist in a public school, and serve as worship leader at Family Worship Center in Hazel Green, Al. I’ve been in church my whole life and a Christian almost as long. I love reading fiction, watching movies, traveling and baking….all of which I don’t have enough time to do.

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Whether through teaching from Scripture, telling a funny story, or singing a heart-felt song, I long to be an effective communicator of the Father’s truth and love. It brings me great satisfaction to bring encouragement and inspiration to the women around me, no matter if its sipping tea with a friend or sharing with a large crowd. Although I’ve been doing all of these things most of my life, I felt a call to develop a more formal ministry in 2012 during the first Women of the Way Bible study. I realized all of my ministry experiences have been forming me for this adventure and I long to share it with you!

Women of the Way seeks to encourage women in their relationships with each as well as crossing the lines of denominations to bring unity in the Body of Christ through emphasizing Who unites us rather than what divides us. I feel I have been uniquely formed to speak to this interdenominational focus because of my Christian background in several different denominations and seeing how God works His beauty in different ways through His body.


Thank you for joining me here and I pray you receive encouragement for your journey. Hope we get the opportunity to meet together!


What others have said about Amy and WoW events….

“The overwhelming joy Mrs. Satterfield showed during this presentation is what I liked the most”

“The speaker’s ability to bring the scriptures to life and to assure us that the same Lord is with us today.”

“Amy, you were great and very inspirational”

Amy can speak on topics such as:

Proverbs 9: The Woman of Wisdom vs the Woman of Folly

A Woman of Courage: How to Live Your Faith in a Culture of Increasing Persecution

How to ReNew Your Ministry

Nothing Can Separate: How to Live Like You’re Loved

To schedule an event at your church email Amy at womenofthewaytn@gmail.com


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