Women of the Way

Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

About Amy

Amy Satterfield wears many hats- wife for 24 years, mother of 4 beautiful, talented, wild children, speech-language pathologist in a public school, and serves as  Director of Discipleship at Family Worship Center in Hazel Green, Al. as well as leading an interdenominational women’s ministry called Women of the Way. She loves to geek out on all things in ministry and loves reading fiction, watching movies, traveling and baking!

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Women of the Way seeks to encourage women in their relationships with each as well as crossing the lines of denominations to bring unity in the Body of Christ through emphasizing Who unites us rather than what divides us. Amy has been uniquely formed to speak to this interdenominational focus because of her Christian background in several different denominations and seeing how God works His beauty in different ways through His body.


Here are some Bible studies that will help you in your journey as a passionate, devoted follower of Christ.

3 Signs You Need to ReNew Your Ministry

Heroes of the Faith Bible Study

A Way in the Wilderness

How to Recover from Leading a Big Event

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Also, any of of these studies would make a great online event or gathering at your church! Contact me at womenofthewaytn@gmail.com to schedule an event!

Thank you for joining me here and I pray you receive encouragement for your journey.


What others have said about Amy and WoW events….

“The overwhelming joy Mrs. Satterfield showed during this presentation is what I liked the most”

“The speaker’s ability to bring the scriptures to life and to assure us that the same Lord is with us today.”

“Amy, you were great and very inspirational”

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  1. We talked on line at the conference today I mentioned I couldn’t find the button in our chat on my phone to sign up. Would love to sign up for your lessons.

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