Women of the Way

Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

About the CLC

Are you a woman serving in a small church?

Do you feel like you could use some support?

Would you like a community of like minded women who are just as passionate about ministry as you are?

Join me over at The Creative Little Church!

I’m soooo excited to serve on the Leadership team with many other AWESOME women in ministry! Seriously….you will LOVE them!


You’ll find great ministry resources for all areas of your church. You’ll find the support you need from women all over the globe, in all different parts of the Body of Christ, who love Jesus just like you!

Check out The Creative Little Church Website here.

Join us for this HUGE ministry event!!

Tired of doing it all in your small church? Not finding volunteers who stay? 

The Women in Small Churches Conference is full of inspiration and solutions specifically for small churches!

I know that you tend to struggle with things like:

– finding volunteers

– looking for great resources for mixed-age classes

– and getting enough people together for a great event


The Women in Small Churches Conference isn’t like any other church conference! You’ll connect with women who love ministry, just like you. Women who need some fresh inspiration, just like you. And women who need some great ideas that work for small churches, just like you!

This 2-day event is completely FREE to attend. 25 amazing speakers talking about everything from children to youth to outreach to women’s PLUS leading experts on self-care, healing from church hurt, and more!

Get your free ticket at with my affiliate link here!

Connect with us all on our free facebook group: Women in Small Churches or click here to dive deeper into leadership development in our membership community, Better Together.

See you there!