Are you experiencing division in your ministry or team?

The Disunity Check will help!

Let’s build unity together!

If your team needs more...

"The WoW Disunity Checklist is a great reflection tool to begin conversations about unity within my church. In my women's ministry, we were able to discuss our experiences and how we felt about it in order to allow unity to grow among us!"


  • You know something is not quite right…

  • Identify the source of division….

  • Then, start a conversation!

  • Building relationships with other Christians
  • Encouraging each other to be passionate, devoted followers of Christ
  • Focusing on WHO unites us rather than What divides us
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The Trinity is the Foundation of Unity

The Trinity is the Foundation for Unity

Unity- The Place to Start Reading Francis Chan’s “Unity Unity” inspired me to dig deeper than ever before in understanding unity with other believers. Women

revelation dawning like a sunrise

Start a New Journey to Unity

Last week, we discovered how The Epiphany is vitally connected to each epiphany in all our lives. Sometimes, we receive a bright, white lightbulb moment-