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3 Kingdom Principles to Live by During a Pandemic….or Anytime Really.

How do you respond when tragedy strikes? How do you live when the routines of life have been turned on its head? The way we respond during times of hardship really exposes the cracks in our foundation, does it not? Conditions around us have all been shaken…..home life, worship, education, jobs, shopping, the basics of everyday life….it’s ALL been affected by this world wide shut down. All the world’s sickness […]

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3 Ways Persecuted Christians Shine with Exquisite Faith

As we continue to bring awareness to persecuted Christians all over the world this month, we can look back to 3 Christians in history and what God did through them during their suffering. Out of Intense Suffering, God is Creating Diamonds Deep within the earth something magnificent happens. Far below the surface where there is no light and hardly any air, common rock becomes transformed into something exquisite….diamonds. Intense heat […]

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My Coat of Many Colors

I have a coat of many colors. Not a Joseph kind of coat, but more like a Dolly Parton-patch-work-quilt kind of coat. This coat has been stitched together through many years of experience adding patch by patch of various styles, patterns, and textures. I didn’t make my coat of many colors……it made me. Through years and years, as each patch has been added, it formed me and shaped me and […]

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