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Unity in The Body

Remembering Believers Suffering*REAL*Persecution

When Nothing Good Spills Out I am so surprised at how easily and over the silliest things I can turn into a grumbling complainer spewing discontent and criticizing everything around me that doesn’t go my way. I feel so “burdened” with having to be at work early or the can opener isn’t working right or the dryer is giving me fits. Heaven forbid…..I get behind a slow driver who can’t […]

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WoW Voices: Unity in a Christ-based Inter-Denominational Ministry by Amanda Curtis

As Women of the Way, we seek Unity in the Body as we focus on Who unites us rather than What divides us. We are One Body with many parts. We are One Church with many voices. Join me in welcoming missionary, Amanda Curtis, director of the Crossroads Pregnancy Center, as she shares her voice on Unity. Unity in a Christ-based Inter-Denominational Ministry I’ve been asked what it’s like to […]

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