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Being Righteous over Being Right

Being Righteous Over Being Right

We are living in volatile times. An understatement for sure. Everyone has an opinion, a perspective, a point of view. We stake a claim on a particular belief, stab our flag into position, and stand our ground. We’re not budging. When I read various posts on social media regarding politics, culture or spiritual stuff, and I disagree with them, I get so mad and frustrated. I want to tell them […]

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Encouraging Other Churches to Host an Interdenominational Series

We’ve been doing this Women of the Way thing for several years now. The encouragement, that relationships, and the Unity are amazing! It’s high time we inspire others to host their own events! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Here’s a simple ‘how-to’ plan that I shared over at the Creative Little Church. Have you ever considered the wild possibility of what could happen when women from different churches and denominations gather […]

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