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Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

Unity in The Body

Would All the MODERN Women of the Way Please Stand Up?

For several weeks, I’ve been talking about how Women of the Way got its name, the very first Women of the Way, and a very inspirational Lincoln County woman who showed us what it means to be a passionate, devoted follower of Christ. Now, let’s hear from you! Who are the modern day women that set the example of being passionate and devoted in our time? Ann Hatcher– Ann Hatcher […]

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This Lincoln County Woman from history inspires us to be Women of the Way

A very special post…….We’ve been talking about the First Followers of The Way and the First Women of the Way. Angie Gray, co-pastor of The Rock, Fayetteville campus, is sharing about an amazing woman of Lincoln County, Selina Moore Holman. This woman was a wonderful example of being a passionate, devoted follower of Christ in a day when women were expected to stay silent. Angie shares how Selina made a […]

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