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Thanksgiving: Blessings

The holidays have begun! Whether I’m ready or not to be bombarded with commercials, decorations, music, and sales, it’s here. And, it seems it’s here earlier than ever. Don’t get me wrong….I love Christmas, and I really am looking forward to the season. Each year the activities and traditions we are building with our family are so wonderful and dear. But, I have a serious pet peeve. I can’t stand […]

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Remembering Believers Suffering *REAL* Persecution

I am so surprised at how easily and over the silliest things I can turn into a grumbling complainer spewing discontent and criticizing everything around me that doesn’t go my way. I feel so “burdened” with having to be at work early or the can opener isn’t working right or the dryer is giving me fits. Heaven forbid…..I get behind a slow driver who can’t drive in the rain! Some […]

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Walk in Your Priestly Ministry

We’ve been talking for the past few weeks about “Making the Most of Your Day” and “How to Make it Through the Day” which discusses our attitudes and motivations in every day life. Then, we talked about how your ministry is equal to anyone else’s ministry from God’s perspective. No matter how big and influential or how specific and unique your ministry is, it’s all equal in importance from God’s […]

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