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Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

Followers of Christ

We’re supposed to delight in God, but does He delight in us?

It takes a lifetime to delight in God. In my effort to live for Him, the struggle against my flesh to do the disciplines I know I’m supposed to do isn’t always easy. I wrote back in the summer about discipline turning into delight which has been a beautiful journey. Like any relationship it takes intentional thought and practice to delight in someone. With learning any skill, it takes practice […]

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Point Them to Jesus

I can be so guilty of this……. In my passion and zeal to be the hands and feet of Jesus, I can be so motivated to help someone that I give them what I think they need. I sincerely want to  love and serve people, but I attempt to give them my wisdom or share from my experience because….after all….it will help them. I can be so quick to think of and […]

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Would All the MODERN Women of the Way Please Stand Up?

For several weeks, I’ve been talking about how Women of the Way got its name, the very first Women of the Way, and a very inspirational Lincoln County woman who showed us what it means to be a passionate, devoted follower of Christ. Now, let’s hear from you! Who are the modern day women that set the example of being passionate and devoted in our time? Ann Hatcher– Ann Hatcher […]

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