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Women of the Way is about inspiring women in their relationships with Christ, to becoming the passionate, devoted disciples He desires us to be.

Women of the Way is also interdenominational reaching across denominational lines to focus more on Who unites rather than what divides us.


Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...
Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church





In the spring of 2011, I met with some women at a church for a National Day of Prayer gathering. After praying with them, an idea flashed in my mind. Wouldn’t it be great for women from different churches to get together for a Bible study!! The next winter, January of 2012, I timidly emailed some women of different churches and asked if they would like to try organizing a multi-church 4 week Bible study. Surprisingly, they said yes! And, Women of the Way was born!!

 Read more about the WoW story at Shattered Magazine.



Hey! Do you want to plan an event?? I’d love to be apart of your women’s event. I’ve got some great ideas.  An event can be planned to meet the needs of your church’s women’s ministry!

Prayer Breakfast– A time of guided corporate and private prayer with the women of your church or group to help you develop as followers of Christ.

WoW ReNew Retreat– A one or two day event designed to refresh the women in your congregation. This event can also be a great leadership retreat to develop Unity in the Body!

WoW Bible Study– A one-time event or Bible study series on various topics in the Bible similar to our annual Spring study. Just about any blogpost you read here can be a great women’s study!

Sign up below or contact womenofthewaytn@gmail.com for more details and scheduling!

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