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Discovering What’s Really Essential as Followers of Christ.

There’s been a lot of talk recently on what is essential. Which workers are essential. Which grocery items are essential. Which events are essential. Church services have been considered non essential to reduce the number of large groups from gathering. From the outside looking in, there is much debate whether this is the case or not. Personally, I believe church services and meeting together as a community is absolutely essential, […]

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Would All the MODERN Women of the Way Please Stand Up?

For several weeks, I’ve been talking about how Women of the Way got its name, the very first Women of the Way, and a very inspirational Lincoln County woman who showed us what it means to be a passionate, devoted follower of Christ. Now, let’s hear from you! Who are the modern day women that set the example of being passionate and devoted in our time? Ann Hatcher– Ann Hatcher […]

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When you want to be more like the FIRST followers of THE WAY…..

In all the years we’ve been doing this “Women of the Way”, I don’t believe I’ve ever explained out loud the reason for its name. Why are we called “Women of the WAY“? The first gathering of believers in Jerusalem after Jesus death, resurrection and ascension called themselves followers of The Way. Luke makes reference to this when describing Saul’s persecution of believers in Acts 9:2. Also, The Way isĀ  […]

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