Best of 2019: Heroes, Thorns and Unity

Can you believe we’ve come to the end of 2019? Wow!!

Even more so…..can you believe we’ve come to the end of the decade??? Crazy!!!!

Looking back over the year, it’s great to reflect over what we’ve done and where God has brought us. Another way to do that is to look at the posts that have resonated with you through the year.

I’ve never done this before so I thought it would be fun and insightful. Here are the top 4 WoW posts of 2019:

Heroes of the Faith in the 20th Century– This post is the most read one of 2019. Cool, huh? I really enjoyed learning all about these amazing people of our Christian heritage. My faith was strengthen because of their great cloud of witness! Take a minute to read it again, and let these heroes charge up your faith for the new year!

This Lincoln County Woman from History Inspires Us to Be Women of the Way- Here’s the second most read post of 2019. This post really resonated with all of you. It was amazing to learn of such a bold woman who lived right here among us. It was also written as a guest post by an amazing woman who tells her story of how she discovered this Lincoln County woman. Read it again, and let it make you bolder for the new year!

3 Things to Remember When Your Ministry Feels like Thorns– Ministry can be tough, and many of you think so too! Check out the third most read post of 2019. As you look back over your year in ministry, I hope these 3 things can encourage you to keep going!

All of You…..Together– Here’s the 4th most read post of 2019. It makes me happy to see this post near the top of the list. It’s what Women of the Way is all about- Unity. If you don’t get anything else from this page, I hope you know that we are all following Jesus with all our hearts, and we are all in this together! One Body! Read it again, and let it fuel your unity with other believers!

Since we are ending a decade, here’s one more post. While I have not been blogging for a 10 years, it’s close. Learning to navigate this writing space has been a BIG learning curve, and I really appreciate it when you read these posts. Even more so, I’m so glad when you are encouraged in your walk with Jesus because that’s my #1 goal!

So, to top off this decade, here’s my most read post of all time (which also happens to be my favorite post of all time)! Every single one of your are a thread, an embellishment, an addition to My Coat of Many Colors!!

Thank you for sharing this space with me! I pray the new year AND the new decade will bring new adventures as we continue this journey of becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ!


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