Build Unity

A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

We’ve discussed a LOT about unity over the past year. I’ve broken down ‘Until Unity’ chapter by chapter and line by line so that we could discover just how to build unity in the Body of Christ.

Here are some of the ideas we’ve learned:

Unity is the foundation of the trinity and a few reasons why this should be important.

Unity commands God’s blessing.

Unity is easy when Jesus is the hero.

Unity is intricately tied to our mission as believers.

Unity requires obedience and repentance.

Unity is paved with forgiveness.

Unity begins with you and how are you going to respond to that call?

Unity is measured by our maturity and the 3 ways you can pursue it.

Unity starts when the Kingdom is built IN you, and it IS possible to build unity even when we disagree.

And finally, Unity begins small.

A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

Wow!!! That was a lot to sort through!

All our studying over the past year has been wonderful, and I’ve loved sharing these ideas with you!! Even during all those Women of the Way years, we were inspired and encouraged, but did we go back and build unity with our community? with our local congregation?

In reality, unity will less likely develop through an awesome, one-time-a-year event. Realistically, the kind of unity that builds the Kingdom and grows the Body of Christ will be done through one person, one act, one congregation at a time.

So, it’s time to start actually building unity and not just talking about it.

A Challenge

Let’s shift our (my) focus to building unity right where we are. Here’s how:

Show up everyday

Wherever you are, in whatever capacity God has given you to serve, build unity there. In your home. In your work. In your small group class. In your ministry. Build the kind of unity with the people around you that will draw others to the Kingdom.

Remain Faithful

Keep your eyes on Jesus because He’s going to finish what He started. Life is hard and tedious, but we can do this because we’ve been given everything we need to do what He’s called us to do. Don’t give up.

Stand up for truth and sound theology

Building unity doesn’t mean anything goes for the sake of being one. We must still speak up (with love and all the fruit of the Spirit) for what the Bible teaches. Sometimes, it is right to step back when truth is being compromised. However, knowing when to step back requires discernment and being led by the Spirit.

Finally, love is the driving force

This final idea is the biggest lesson I’ve learned through all of our study. Love is the driving force behind unity. When you love the people around you, unity will flow. People can’t help to be drawn to the Kingdom when love abounds. It’s so simple yet so profound. It’s easy to talk about but often very difficult to live out, yet it’s what our covenant of grace requires!

Now It’s Your Turn

What is your biggest lesson or take away from this pursuit of unity?

What are you going to do right where you are to build unity?

What is God calling you to do in building His Kingdom?

I’d love to hear about it! Review the posts above by clicking on the blue links and send me an email at

As 2022 draws to a close, our study of Francis Chan’s book, Until Unity, is done. I won’t say it’s complete because it would take us years to fully exhaust a study like this. However, I think we’ve learned enough (at least I have) to better pursue unity!

Thank you for joining me in this journey!


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