Change is Hard Not Bad

You may have noticed this Women of the Way website is undergoing some changes. I have switched to a new hosting site and new service provider, and while I’m not quite sure what that means, it has resulted in me having to learn how to operate this webpage in a whole new way. You’ll see updates and changes (and probably plenty of mistakes too) until I get it just right!

I’m so thankful for Jen Kline with Line of Hope Creative Solutions who is holding my hand and supporting me during this process. (She’s great, by the way, if you need a consultation). She’s done the real hard work, but now, I’m having to learn to do the basic stuff to keep it going.

Let me tell you….it is not fun nor is it easy to learn something new or to do something in a different way.

But Jen has given me some great advice!

Hard is hard, but Hard is not BAD.

She warned me that this transition to a new hosting site and new website wasn’t going to be easy, but it was going to be worth it.

And, this wisdom is so true in our lives as well.

Whatever hard or difficult thing you are going through….yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s painful. YES, you don’t want to do it!!!

But, it’s going to be worth it!

Push through and keep plugging away. Take it a day at a time. Just do the next thing.

Don’t give up! And, like Dori says, “Just keep swimming”!

Know this too….this is where the power of the Holy Spirit living in you gets activated to give you all the strength you need to keep at it.

God will never leave you during this hard thing. Ask Him to walk with you through it!

So, while I keep plugging away learning how to keep this new website going (and you’ll see the changes along the way too), you just keep plugging away at your hard thing too. We will be so glad we did!

Leave me a comment and tell me what hard thing you are learning or trying to get through!


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