Friday Finds

We made it to the end of the week! Congratulations! Relationship and marriage are still on my mind, and I’ve got some more great stuff to share!!

This week I’m bringing you counselor and speaker, Dr. Richard Marks. His teaching videos The Power of Us and Caress Your Marriage are POWERFUL! These videos have made a significant impact on how I view my marriage and how I related to my spouse.

Most books and materials I’ve come across discuss the basics of ‘men need respect and women need love’. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all very good. But Dr. Marks goes way deeper into the biology and psychology of of our emotional needs and why God created us to need relationships. He does a great job basing his ideas in Scripture as well.

I’m telling you….if you need deeper understand of who you do what you in your relationships, please check out these videos. And, if you like his stuff, check out his website and his book “Relationships for Life”.

I really hope you like these posts on Friday Finds. When I find something that is really great or helpful, I just want you to find out about it too!! Let me know what you think is helpful too!

Have a great weekend!!


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