Friday Finds

Don’t you just love finding neat websites and blogs on the web??

I do!!

And, when I do, I think everybody needs to see this!.  Bloggers have great stuff to share like Bible studies, planners, study guides, ministry tips, and printable. Most of it is for free if you sign up for their newsletter or to receive their blog. Seeing all this downloadable stuff makes me want to dream up and write some stuff of my own to share with you.

Alas….there are only so many hours in a day, and I usually run out of time or energy before I can write or post anything of the sort. However, what I DO want to start is sharing the stuff I find here with you.

So….let’s begin Friday Finds where I share a great find on the internet related to discipleship, women’s ministry, Bible studies, personal growth, etc, etc….

On Monday, I shared my desire to pursue wisdom in 2016 and one of the ways I hope to achieve wisdom is to read the entire Bible in one year. Ever since I began reading a Proverbs a day, reading the Bible has been like eating a most satisfying meal. Moreover, I’ve never read the entire Bible, so here I go!!

This brings me to your first Friday FindsShe Reads Truth.

I found She Reads Truth from another wonderful blogger Teri Lynne Underwood, and this site has TONS of reading plans and guides for reading books of the Bible, topics, seasons, etc. I found the read the Bible in a year plan, printed it out, and was ready to go.

The plan has me reading 2-3 OT chapters and 1 NT chapter a day. Then, on Sunday I read a couple of Psalms. I break up the reading doing the OT in the mornings and the NT at my lunch break. On the weekends, I try to get it done in one setting. I’m gonna try my best to stay caught up and not get behind. If I do get behind, I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’ll just pick up on the plan in the calendar.

So far, I am loving it! During lunch, I turn on some instrumental music and read while I eat. I look forward to each day having a spiritual meal with my physical meal on my way to a wisdom-filled year!

While I would love to explore the other reading plans on She Reads Truth, this Bible in a year plan is going to be plenty for me to handle. But I know you could find a plan that speaks to you, or at least, you can check out the daily verse or passage for the day.

I really hope you try it out. I really hope you like it. I would LOVE to hear how you use it for yourself!! Let me know how it goes!!



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