Getting Better at Ministry Planning

Guess what y’all?? I’m going to be sharing about how to plan a whole year of ministry at this online event- check it out here!

Want a sneak peak of my session?

Check out my latest post with the Creative Little Church and learn how to go from ‘flying by the seat of our pants’ to ‘ahead of the game’ in one day for your church or ministry!

Imagine it’s four weeks away from the most important church holiday of the whole year, Easter. The leadership team sits around the table, and someone says “What are we going to do for Easter?”

Great discussion and great ideas abound. Plans are finalized, and a flurry of work happens to get it all done. Easter was great, but it was exhausting.

Then, the team takes a quick breath while rushing to the next activity that has to be scheduled, planned, and executed. Whew!

Sound familiar?

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