God Delights in Me when I do this….

I am a list maker. I really like need to check my responsibilities off my list. I feel productive and effective when I am able to accomplish all the tasks on my list.

If I am not careful, I can make my Christian life a to-do list.

I mentioned before about all the things I’m supposed to do that will make God happy. If I want to please Him, I will make sure I do all the right things.

Read my Bible, pray, go to church, pay my tithes, serve, and volunteer- all these things are on my list.

Yes, all the these things are necessary to sustaining a proper relationship with God. All of these things are good. I enjoy them, and I like them. God is pleased when I do them. Great!

But, what if there was something more?

What if God not only is pleased when I do those good Christian responsibilities, but He is also  happy to see me do other things I’ve been created to do.

I was created to do all those good things. BUT…..there are also many other wonderful, enjoyable things I was also created to do. Stuff just for fun and enjoyment.

There are so many things that I SHOULD be doing, I feel like there’s never enough time for things that I LOVE doing. I am tempted to think that God will only approve if I do my responsibilities.


Here’s the thing: God takes delight when I do what I love.

If I love creating music or baking or reading and if I get a great sense of joy from doing those activities, God takes great delight in my joy!

If my heart and spirit spring to life when I swim or dance, then God’s heart bubbles over when He sees me too!

My daughter started playing volleyball this year, and she really loves it. I told her that when she plays volleyball, it makes God happy to see her enjoying herself. Playing volleyball is worshipping God because she is doing what God created her to do. God delights in seeing her enjoy her sport.

God doesn’t want us to just do what we have to do or what we should do. He wants us to do what we love to do! When we do what we love to do, we are worshipping Him.

Imagine you give your child a special gift. You know this child will really love it because you know your child inside and out. You give it to him, and he loves it. But, the child is so busy doing all the things you told them to do- chores, study, clean up that they don’t feel they have time or should do those activities that might feel frivolous. The child is being dutiful and obedient, exactly what you want them to be. However, that special gift you gave him is stored up in the closet.

One rainy Saturday afternoon, you get the gift out of the closet and sit down with your child to explore it. As you play together, he starts to smile. His eyes light up. Joy breaks out over his face, and his body overflows with excitement! What happens to you? You delight in him because of his joy. You were right! That special gift was exactly what he wanted. What delight!

So, what is it that you love to do?

There is something you love, but you don’t feel like you can give yourself permission to enjoy it. Guess what?

When you don’t do those things that God created you to do, God is missing out on the great pleasure seeing you enjoy the great gift He’s placed in you!


Sure….we have to take care of our responsibilities. And yes, we learn to love the disciplines that cause our spirits to thrive even when our bodies protest. But, God created in us the desire to create and play and have fun so that we can enjoy life. We get so caught up in doing the right things, we run out of time for the fun things!

I love what Eric Liddell says, “God made me fast. And, when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

Take some time to enjoy what you love to do, and feel God’s delight in you!

Do you need some help finding out what you love to do?

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