Unity Even When You Disagree

Is Unity Possible Even When You Disagree?

Yes, Unity is possible even when you disagree!

Moreover, building unity is even more important especially when you disagree!

It’s easy to have unity with someone you like, you believe the same way, and your worship style is cohesive. But it’s really a test of your maturity when your differences outweigh your similarities, and you still experience unity with that person. That’s where the truth of Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit really make something beautiful between believers to draw people into the Kingdom! It’s more than possible. It’s our call and highest goal as believers!

Unity Begins with You

Whether your division is with someone in another church or someone in your same congregation, unity must begin by examining your own heart and repenting of any attitudes or sin that’s keeping you from unity. Praying Psalm 51 is an excellent place to start!

Love Must Grow

Francis Chan said “the shallowness of our love” is one of the main reasons why unity is often so very fragile. Growing love for someone is the essential ingredient for growing unity. Of course, growing in love doesn’t always mean experiencing warm fuzzy feelings. Love is a verb, and the kind of love that will help you build unity is a love that takes action. Meditating on the attitudes and actions of love in 1 Corinthians 13 will help you get better at the act of loving others.

Serve Together

Despite differences (even primary and secondary ones), a great way to build unity is through serving together. Find a common goal or purpose to work towards together. This purpose will help you focus more on what you have in common and not what’s different. When we put more attention on what’s different, it’s seems way bigger than it actually is. When you focus on what you have in common, the similarities grow.

Worship Together

There is no better way to build unity than to focus on Who unites us rather than what divides us!

Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, the One who holds all creation together, the Word made flesh who has dwelt among us…..when we put disagreements aside and worship Him, then “the things of the world will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace!” Worshipping together is probably the one action that will help all the other actions flow easier. God is just that good! When we get our eyes on Him and off each other, the love and unity between each other are bound to grow!

Pray Together

Serving together and worshipping together can happen side by side. You don’t necessarily have to interact together to serve and worship together. But when you get to the point of actually praying together, now that’s when some unity will flow! Praying together is a beautiful act of spiritual intimacy. When you can pray for someone AND when you can pray with someone, those feelings of love really blossom. The way the Holy Spirit works in and through us is just wonderful!

It’s Not Easy But It’s Worth It

I am in no way saying this process of building unity will be easy. But it is possible. And it is worth it!

Just imagine what it would be like serving, worshipping, and even praying with someone or a group with whom you used to disagree! The disagreements may or may not be resolved, but something more beautiful has taken place- unity, oneness, one mind and one accord between believers. And THAT is what will draw people into the Kingdom and command God’s blessing!

It’s Not Only Possible, It’s Expected

This kind of unity is what I desire for my church, my community and the Church as a whole! I believe it’s not only possible, but it’s expected! It’s what Jesus prayed for us (John 17:23). I would really love to help you build it in your community too!

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Let’s keep discussing how we can help each other build unity. Which one of these steps can you begin this week? Come to the WoW TN Facebook group to share what your doing to build unity with a community of like minded believers.


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