Nameless Women Changed by Christ: Changed from the Inside Out

Continuing our discussion of Jesus reshaping us by dropping those labels we wear, this is what He wants to happen next!

As we allow His love to define us then change our identity from the inside out. Then we become who we are in Christ so we can drop the labels people put on us and we put on ourselves, then We are no longer Nameless. We’re not going to be hindered by those labels, and we can love others who might feel nameless and help them know that they don’t have to wear those labels either. That You and me and all of us are Fully Known and Loved by God just the way you are!

Hey! But God doesn’t want us to stop there. Once you have realized that through Christ you are no longer Nameless and you are fully known and loved by God, he doesn’t want you to remain unchanged. Remember, we are talking about Nameless Women CHANGED by Christ.

How have you been changed by Jesus?


Every encounter with Jesus has the potential to create change in us.

Think back to the Roman soldier. Luke 7:1-10 His circumstances changed when Jesus healed his slave. His faith in Jesus’ ability was so great, he asked for Jesus to change his situation. But we don’t know his response.

Think back to the the widow. Luke 7:11-17 Her circumstances were changed when He gave her son back to her and she didn’t do anything Jesus was so moved by compassion that He HAD to help. But we don’t know her response…

Simon was charged with loving little because he’d been forgiven little. His actions indicated he had been changed little.

Their circumstances changed, but were their hearts changed?

The sinful woman was the only one we read who’s heart had been changed. 

She was changed when she took the biggest risk of her life to pour love out on Jesus. The depth of her forgiveness was so great that her love was extravagant and Jesus declared that her sins have been forgiven.

She experienced tremendous change from the inside out, but what we don’t know for sure is if her circumstances were changed. 

Do you want Jesus to change your circumstances or Do you want Jesus to change YOU?

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Yes…God will change our circumstances like He changed the widow’s and the roman soldier’s. But, sometimes He doesn’t change our circumstances…and we have a hard time understanding this. Here’s the truth: God can change us whether our circumstances are changed or not. More often than not, He works through our circumstances to change us. So, more than seeking to have our situations changed, are we allowing God to change our hearts, to allow HIm to change us from within?

Of course, He wants your circumstances changed and your daily life to be better. But more than that, He wants you to transformed from within. He just doesn’t want your Name or label to be changed, He wants your identity to be changed. He wants you to be refined and purified and transformed into the likeness of Christ!  He wants us all to be transformed into the Body of Christ so we can glorify Him as He makes us All One!


This is why we gather as Women of the Way to encourage each other. We study the Scriptures to see these women (and men) who serve as our examples. If she can be changed, then I can be changed. Should we stop praying for our circumstances to be changed? NO! Sister, Keep praying for your situation. Cry out to God! In the meantime, however, allow Him to change You from the inside out!!!!

May we, as Women of the Way be Changed by Christ!

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