The Real Epiphany- God’s ‘A-HA’ Moment in You

Have you ever had an epiphany?

You know, an “A-Ha!” moment?

As the holiday celebrations of 2021 come to a close, we finish out the Christmas season with remembering the Epiphany. For the 12th day of Christmas, we celebrate the visitation of the Three Kings, or Magi, to our beloved Jesus. Each of the kings must have had an ‘a-ha’ moment of their own when they laid eyes on the Christ Child. After such a long journey, was it what they expected? Was it worth the long journey? Did it change their perspective on the whole world?

What about your journey?

Looking back at last year, what has been your personal ‘A-Ha’ moment with Christ? Have you experienced an epiphany regarding Jesus?

What had God revealed to you in Scripture? Through Prayer? In your experience of living?

What has God shown your about yourself? About Him? How have your grown and changed to be more like Jesus?

What are you going to do with this epiphany?

Are you going to pack it away like the Christmas decorations? Will you keep it to yourself? Will you tuck it away while its illumination in your spirit fades to a distant memory?

God’s ‘A-Ha’ Moment

What if the Epiphany is more than just another celebration on the church calendar? What if an epiphany is more than your personal ‘A-Ha’ moment? What if God’s bright idea in you is something to be shared with the world around you?

The Real Epiphany

The precise definition of an epiphany is actually ‘a manifestation of Jesus Christ to the world.’

So actually, the Three Wise didn’t have an epiphany when they saw Baby Jesus. In reality, they witnessed the Epiphany of Christ being made manifest to the world. They were witnesses to the world of Immanuel- God with us!

We are meant to do the same thing

We are meant to be a manifestation of Jesus Christ to the world!

Just as Jesus Christ has been a illuminating revelation to us, we are supposed to be an epiphany of Jesus to the world!

Your life, your witness, your experience with God is not simply for you alone. Your revelation of Christ is also meant to be a manifestation of Christ to someone else!

This is the Good News

Sharing your epiphany of Christ, or your ‘A-Ha’ moment with God, is how the Gospel is spread. It’s how you can share your “Good News”!

What has God done in you? What has HE revealed to you? How can you share that with someone?

I would really love to hear all about your epiphany and your ‘A-Ha’ moments! Leave a comment here. Or, join the conversation in the WoW Facebook group!

Happy New Year!


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