Unity During Holy Week- We are Connected by More

Churches gathered in worship

Every Saturday and Sunday believers around the world are worshiping and celebrating Jesus. It’s the one time during the week where Christians are most likely concentrating on and focusing on Jesus. The Body of Christ is activated in worship, as one, more than any other time during the week. Local churches and congregations all over the world meeting at all hours across the globe in that concentrated period of time.

We are connected by MORE

But The Church is so much more than many individual congregations.

We are connected by more than just the church building where we attend or by the congregation with whom we worship. We are tied together by more than location and physical environments. We are one because of more than the denominational tennents to which we hold. The Church, the entire Body of Christ, consists of all believers, in every church affiliation and every denomination. It’s many, different parts who all belong to each other. It’s many different threads woven together in a beautiful tapestry

This Tapestry is the most evident during Holy Week.

How we celebrate Holy Week

Holy week- Palm Sunday through Easter- the most important celebration of the year in our Christian faith. All across the world, believers of every denomination, of every race are remembering and celebrating the triumphal entry of Jesus on the donkey all the way through his death on the cross and His resurrection.

This is the week where unity, along with oneness, harmony, and belonging, is the most focused, the most concentrated in the Body of Christ. It’s where we focus on the essentials of our faith- the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior. It’s all that really matters. Everything else we do as a church, or as believers, is a result of and flows out of this primary truth.

Imagine Holy Week from God’s Perspective

I wonder what it’s like from God’s point of view to witness this display of adoration and worship each week and every year. How much joy does He receive? How much does He take delight in His Body? We we only really know when we get in eternity

It is foretaste of what eternity will be like.

Let’s Start Now

But the beautiful part is, we can start now. What are you doing to meditate on and rejoice in this most holiest of weeks?

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When holy week is over and the celebration is cleaned up, what can you do to keep the unity and oneness going?

Let’s learn how we can build more unity and oneness in the Body of Christ through Pray for Unity in Your Community. This 30 min zoom call will bring us together to pray for unity in our churches and community! Sign up here!

Happy Holy Week and Happy Resurrection Sunday!


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