Jesus is the Hero

Unity is Easy When Jesus is the Hero

Hearts Burning Within Us

Imagine the 2 men on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24 when they recognized Jesus.

They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Luke 24:13

In that moment, unity flowed easily because Jesus was the hero. Their hearts burned with passion, excitement, and fire from being in the presence of the Resurrected Savior. Rushing to tell the others became a no-brainer because Jesus made them one.

Eagerly Awaiting

Just a little while later and a few chapters over in the Upper Room of Acts 2, all the disciples, with the 120 assembled with them, just witnessed the ascension of Jesus as they eagerly awaited the promised arrival of the Comforter. Again, unity flowed easily because Jesus was the hero.

When Unity is Easy

Have you ever experienced moments like these where everyone’s hearts are knit as one, everyone’s purpose solidly joined together, and loving each other is just easy? That’s what happens when Jesus is the hero.

What happens when Jesus is NOT the hero?

There are plenty of examples of this too. People with their own way, their own agenda, their own ideas will have a difficult time being in unity because Jesus is not at the center.

When Jesus is not the hero, people will do their own thing and clump up into groups with those who believe like themselves. Sides chosen, factions made, divisions develop. Birds of a feather flock together and unions form around similar ideologies. These alliances go bad because love is shallow and thin. They are not grounded in the lordship of Christ, therefore, true unity is not possible.

Like Francis Chan said,

“It is as we encourage each other deeper and deeper into Jesus that we find more and more unity with Him and each other” p48

Francis Chan, Until Unity Study Book

When True Unity Will Happen

It is only when we urge each other deeper into Jesus that true unity will emerge.

It is only when Jesus is exalted as the central focus that unity will sustain and grow.

When you find your self at odds with another Christian, ask yourself “is Jesus being the hero here?”

When you do, unity will be easy!


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