Valued Not Successful

I want to let you in on a little secret of mine. Some of you may have figured it out already. I’ve always dreamed of being famous!

As a girl, I got bit by the stage bug singing, performing, and playing instruments. I Loved It! I remember as a teenager wondering if I could make it on Broadway or even become a vocal powerhouse singer.Where most people say, “I can’t stand speaking in front of people”,  I rather like it. Hand me the mic and I know exactly what to say!

Well, as you can tell, Broadway never called, and Adele is the reining queen!

As I grew up, however, I developed more of a desire to use my skills in ministry to encourage and share Christ with people. Even with my genuine desire to be more Kingdom focused than famous, that stage bug sometimes often reared its little head. The success of a presentation or performance fed that little bug so that I usually questioned myself-“Do they like me? Did I impress them? Am I better than her?” Even worse, when I messed up (which happened often) I was hugely embarrassed or insecure. Amywowshirt

My relationship with God was contingent upon my success as well. Or so I thought.  I felt like I had to be good enough so that God would approve of me. I felt good about my relationship with God when I was doing my best for Him. “If I moved them, surely God approved! I must be special if God used me”

God has certainly helped me to starve this pride-swelling, ego-flairing “famous-bug” through the years. I’m pretty good at recognizing when it tries bite me. So, it was an inspiration when I found a statement that dramatically changed the way I pray stopping this little guy dead in its tracks….This prayer quietly scrolled through my Facebook feed this year and sunk deep into my heart.

Lord, help me not to be successful but to be of value!”

Success. In the eyes of our culture, it is measured in numbers, ticket sales, accolades, and applause. It looks on the outside, the image we project, a facade.

Being of value, however, is measured by the intent of my heart to use my skills for others-to encourage the weary, inspire the hungry, and speak truth to the broken-hearted. It takes the expectation and pressure off of what I’m doing to get results and places the focus simply on loving my neighbor.  When being of value is the motivation of my heart, my efforts (powered by the Holy Spirit because He’s the One who does it all anyway) bear fruit lasting for eternity, not just momentary applause or praise. The ultimate result is that He gets all the glory, which we can agree is way better than being famous!bodyofChrist

So whether it’s been our largest WoW gathering in 2016 or quietly serving with that one precious baby in the nursery….whether I’m in front of a big crowd or just an audience of One, my prayer is to be of value rather than to be successful.

How are you being of value rather than being a success?



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