When My Heart is overflowing….

Women of the Way 2017 “The King is Coming” was SUCH a great series!!! Speakers, music, refreshments, missions, and fellowship all came together in an amazing month together! Girls….we know how to have a good time together, don’t we??

We talked about watching and waiting and what we should be doing while being ready for the King. We were reminded that getting ready for Jesus is much like getting ready for a wedding with lots of excitement and anticipation. We were given a global reminder of our mission to build the Kingdom and that fulfilling our mission is how we prepare for being His Bride.

Each church that hosted took such care to create a  lovely evening for which we could gather. Despite two of the weeks we faced some stormy, spring weather, we still had great crowds and lots of various churches represented.

But what I think makes my heart overflow is to see all the beautiful smiles of all the lovely women who chose to grace us with their presence. Beautiful daughters of the King, uniting with one heart and one purpose!

What’s my reward in all this?

So many share their heart-felt thanks, kind, supportive words, and sincere appreciation for such a sweet gathering. The opportunity to create an inspiring gathering and to see women experience sweet fellowship is such delight. I’m just overwhelmed each and every week.

So, thank you for being there and supporting this effort year after year.

I’m so glad we get together. See you next year….Lord willing.

I would love to hear about your favorite parts. Leave a comment or write a post over at Facebook to let me know what meant the most to you!




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