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When you need some power to face Monday morning…..

If you are like me, the journey to Easter has been a strange one. What started out as life as usual for Lent back in February got turned upside down by this weird virus. Life as we know it stopped. Even still, continuing with the practices of contemplation and reflection during Lent, Holy Week with the honor and suffering of our Messiah, Passover, and Good Friday has helped me celebrate Easter even while safe at home. Resurrection Sunday is here even if we didn’t get to celebrate in our usual way!

It’s Monday, and we’re still in the midst of this weird world of virus. If I’m not careful, the glory of Holy Week can quickly fade to complaints and grumbles and ‘here we go again’ into the another week of confinement and social distancing..

But, Jesus didn’t raise from the dead so that we could go back to business as usual on Monday morning living the same, ol’ unchanged life.

The fact is the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us.

The Resurrection isn’t just for Easter Sunday. It’s for every day!!

Did you get that?

When I stop and really meditate on this truth, I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. I have to say it slowly and let the words sink in…….

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead….lives in us!

That means His Resurrection gives us the power to face Monday morning…again.

That means His Resurrection gives us the power to love the unlovable around us.

His Resurrection gives us the power to share the fruit that is evidence of His Presence in our lives- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.

His Resurrection gives us the power to bring Christ into the situation in which we’ve been called.

His Resurrection gives us power to not live in fear when faced with sickness, financial ruin, or even death!

How are you living out the power of the Resurrection and bringing Christ to the people around you?

In spite of the strange times we’re living in, how can you live out the power of the Resurrection in the midst of this chaos?

For different people that might mean different things. Some of you might be very evangelical by sharing how someone can become a Christian. For some of you, that might mean praying for those that work beside you. For some of you that might mean just a simple hug with some encouragement or serving your family.


It may look like phone calls, zoom meetings or even mailing good old fashioned letters.

It’s going to look a little bit different for each of us, but the goal is still the same…

How can I bring Christ to the world today?

Sure, we are going to get tired. We aren’t going to feel like coming off that mountain high of sunrise service and face the world again. But let that same Spirit give you strength to face each day in the power of His Resurrection!!


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