A Lesson in Silence…

I learned a lesson in silence this morning……

I’m trying this summer to get up early for prayer and devotions before the kids get up. It’s hard for it to be completely quiet because I have one big-eyed girl who wakes with the sun. For the most part, however, the house is fairly quiet, and I can get some much needed devotional time.

This morning was a little different.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, the book “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” by Peter Scazzero has been my current read giving me lots of wisdom and insight. This morning’s reading was about the different ways we pray to God and how just being in His presence can be the most intimate. Often, our prayers become a wish list or a to-do list instead of just being with Him.

At that very moment of reading this, a bleary-eyed, blonde- haired boy stumbled down the stairs, into the living room, and climbed into my lap. I put the book down knowing the times of cuddling are fast approaching its end. He plopped in my lap and we sat…in silence…enjoying each other’s company. There were no words. Just hugs and cuddles….and silence.


It’s like God was demonstrating exactly what I had just been reading.

All too often I know this, but I don’t do this. My prayers often involve talking, asking, wishing, pleading. Yes,  all those prayers are important and necessary. But really, what does He want most from me? He wants me to sit in His lap, bask in His presence, and simply enjoy Him.

With my child in my lap, I asked the Father to help me learn this deep wisdom that this blue-eyed boy already knew.

How have you learned to just “be” in God’s presence? What lessons have you learned in silence?


2 thoughts on “A Lesson in Silence…”

  1. This makes a lot of sense to me. I get caught up in the pleading and even demanding answers of things that make no sense. I think sometimes we can be selfish in our own praying…I know I have been guilty of that…knowing that someone could use prayers and I focus on myself.
    I think when we sit in God’s presence…in silence…we more readily see and “hear” our mistakes, our pitfalls, whereas talk and more talk drowns out the noise.
    Something to think about…good post!

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