Don’t take it for Granted

I take the Gospels for granted.

Not the “Good News” about Jesus but rather the Gospels- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Growing up in church and living most of my life as a Christian, I can take them for granted. I’ve read and heard the stories of Jesus’ life so often, heard so many sermons from common parables that I have the tendency to think “oh, yeah, I got that”.

This morning, sitting with my Bible on my lap, I wondered what I should read in addition to a daily chapter of Proverbs. The thought came to mind to begin one of the Gospels. Instead of dismissing it as I was tempted to do, I turned to the Gospel of John.

Right out of the gate, John leaps into deep mysteries of the Word made flesh. This Bread, I’m reading, is both nourishing and delicious, not familiar or stale. Always fresh.

Reading on, I take in the verses about the Baptist who was called to prepare the WAY of the Lord (emphasis mine), and I am reminded of this Spirit-led desire to be like that wild man who pointed others to Him.

How can I possibly think that I could ever exhaust the deep riches of His Word?Image

After reading just a couple of chapters, I began my day energized and not overwhelmed, excited, focused, and fed.

There are so many books, blogs, pins, and posts that can inspire you about God. But don’t take for granted the gift given to hear from and be fed by God. Don’t take it for granted. 


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