Blessings in the Most Unlikely Places

I am not a dog person. Furthermore, I am not a cat person. Don’t hate me. Please.

There’s a long story behind it which includes dying pets as a child and being allergic to dander. I don’t want to go into it.  So, if I come over to your house and don’t pet your animal or want it in my lap, don’t take it personal. Just know, I’m not crazy about pets.

That being said…….last year at our house we declared what we have affectionately termed as “the year of the cat”.

We’ve always had a dog. My husband IS a dog person, and he’s always taken care of the dog. Unexpectedly, at the end of 2014 though, a stray cat came to our house, and hubby started feeding it. The kids were SO excited!! I was not pleased.

Well, that next spring that cat did what cats do. She had a litter of kittens. Great. She brought them up to the back porch and looked at us expectantly. Troy dutifully cared and tended the kittens with food, milk, kitty litter and lots of petting. The kids did their best at chasing, wagging, babying, and wrangling those kittens. We found homes for those kittens. Thank Goodness!


Low and behold, wouldn’t you know it, later that summer that momma cat went and had another litter of kittens! Good grief! Troy cared for that batch as well. The kids were old pros! Just don’t let them in the house and on the furniture!! His mother took most of that litter. Yay!!!


While I was not excited about having a cat….then having a litter of cats….and another….

And, while I was not looking forward to buying food and litter that rivaled the formula and diaper days with triplet babies….

And, while I was adamant that those furry creatures were not going to worm their way into my house and on my bed……

I did find blessings in the MOST unlikely places with those cats.


I loved seeing the kids so very delighted at playing with kittens. I laughed at watching the girls try to treat those baby cats like real babies.


I was proud to see how the kids learned how to feed and take care of animals.

I enjoyed watching Troy petting them on the back porch and make friends with each one.

And…I have to admit….those kittens were the cutest things I’ve ever seen!! My heart melted at the first kitten momma cat brought to the house…perfect gray stripes with white mitten paws and the bluest eyes! Even my cold heart couldn’t resist!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t pet them (often). I don’t make a fuss, and I don’t feed them (unless I have to). But, I have realized what a gift these furry creatures have been to myself and my family!


So, the next time you find yourself dreading the circumstance befallen in your lap, just be on the lookout for unexpected blessings!!!


PS….Momma cat comes around most days, and we kept one cat from each litter. So, I never would have dreamed in my LIFE that we would be a dog AND cat family!!!


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