Friday Finds

Happy Friday!!

I made it to Friday!!

I always feel so relieved to make it to Friday, don’t you?

My latest Friday Find is the most recent blog I have signed up to read.

Intentional By Grace is a great little gem in the blogging world. Leigh Ann Dutton has a wonderful mixture of encouragement, tips, and practical advice. Her purpose is to help women live intentionally in her home and family, not just wandering around haphazardly making it up as they go along. She also provides several really good downloadable resources for free when you sign up for her newsletter.

What attracted me to her site was the resources she provided for the new year to help me get organized and set personal and family goals for the year like a monthly checklist to remind me of what my goals are. I am definitely a checklist kind of person, so I LOVE having a list to check off each month.

Another neat thing you’ll find on Intentional By Grace is her list of Deals and Freebies she finds on the web each week. She lists other blogs with resources, books on Amazon on great sale, and stuff like that.

It’s still January (just barely), so it’s not too late go check out Intentional By Grace and download your monthly checklists and get motivated and organized for the year!

After you go check out Leigh Ann, leave a comment and let me know how you liked it!

Have a great weekend!!


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