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How Football can teach you about Ministry

Show of hands…….Who else loves football season?? I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do love football.  The excitement, the intensity, the cool weather, the band….the win!!! I love it! I grew up with a dad who particularly loved (and still does) a certain Crimson team with a rich history of tradition and winning. I remember waiting in the kitchen with my pom poms, and when there was a […]

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Being Righteous over Being Right

Being Righteous Over Being Right

We are living in volatile times. An understatement for sure. Everyone has an opinion, a perspective, a point of view. We stake a claim on a particular belief, stab our flag into position, and stand our ground. We’re not budging. When I read various posts on social media regarding politics, culture or spiritual stuff, and I disagree with them, I get so mad and frustrated. I want to tell them […]

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Think You’re Too Busy for Sabbath Rest? Think Again.

I’m so excited to be contributing to the Creative Little Church. Read About the CLC here! Here’s my first post on Sabbath Rest. 3 Things I Gained from Stopping for Sabbath Rest by Amy Satterfield Around 2013, we left the church we were attending. It was messy and painful. You know what I mean. In my pain, I saw a book that jumped out at me Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, by Peter Scazerro. […]

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