Get Unity by Building the Kingdom In You

Get Unity by Building the Kingdom IN You

An Outward Focus of Faith

“Use me, Lord!’ “Send me, Lord!” “Open the doors, Lord!’

I’ve prayed these prayers with much sincerity! With a deep desire to please God, I’ve asked Him to give me opportunities to lead and minister in church. My intentions were (mostly) good, but my aim was a little off.

I thought the more I served God by singing, teaching, speaking, etc, the more I was growing and building the Kingdom. The more I was ‘used’ by God the more mature I was becoming! My measuring stick was waaaayyy off!!!

As we’ve been discussing, however, measuring maturity does not come from the outward things we do. We been shifting our focus to how unity begins IN you.

In and Through Us

This past week, I read a blogpost by Ann Voscamp (you can read it here) with a quote by Joanna Weaver that says,

“For as it turns out, God is more interested in building His Kingdom in us than He is in building His Kingdom through us.”

How many of our churches and church services are filled with people who, like me, want to do stuff for God. Many of their intentions are sincere, or maybe it just makes them feel good about being in church and serving God. And yet, how much of our churchy activity is actually building unity…….a unity so perfect that it draws people into the Kingdom! (John 17:23)

We get so focused on being used by God or by growing in numbers or drawing a crowd. We want God to use our churches or our ministries, and we want to be successful because *we think* that indicates blessings and favor by God.

Thank the Lord, He uses our skewed attempts and misguided intentions despite us and still uses them for His Glory!

An Inward Focus of Faith

Imagine what it would be like if instead of an outward focus of faith, we spend some time with an inward focus of faith? What if we allowed God to work in us the love, humility, and belonging that brings unity and then the outward works would be more effective?

I heard Beth Moore say it this way,

“You gotta let Him work it IN you before He can work it OUT of you!!”

What would that look like?

It would look a lot like abiding in Christ, loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and growing in the fruit of the Spirit. It would look like growing in oneness with God which would flow into oneness with other people. It would look like unity that is so inviting God commands its blessing and people can’t resist it!!

And then…all the serving and all the activities would be more effective in drawing people into the Kingdom!

What’s Your Desire?

If you desire to let the Kingdom be built In you so that it can be built through you, I’d like to invite you to join us in a little study. Let me share this email mini course with you. In this 5-day mini course, I’ll send you a series of emails asking 3 questions to help you ReNew your ministry and relationship with God. As you go through the course, join us in the WoW Facebook group as we discuss it together!

I’d love to see you there. Sign up here for the course and get some other good stuff too!


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