His Plans Stand Firm Forever

All this month God has been speaking to me about guiding down right paths, and turning a wilderness path into a fruitful one. Instead of me declaring “this is the way I want 2020 to be”, He’s showing me He’s the One with the plans for my life.

At the beginning of a New Year, there are so many calendars, planners, goal- setting devices out there to get me organized. Bloggers and podcasters market their products to help me plan for the most productive year yet! All good stuff! Sometimes, I need a good planner to keep me on track for all the things I have to get done.

However, God is showing me that I may have plans, but He’s the One who really directs my path. I may have doubts as to how my life will unfold, but He’s the One who has everything under control.

As I was reading Psalm 33 this week, God revealed Himself again:

But the Lord’s plans stand firm forever;
his intentions can never be shaken. Psalm 33:11

What God has planned for me stands firm forever!

His intentions for my life can never be shaken!!

Nobody or nothing can change what God has ordained to be so!

Such an amazing comfort that God has thought out His plans for me. And, I can trust that they will be for my benefit, for His Glory, and it’s going to be fruitful!

Through the rest of Psalm 33, it describes how God spoke the universe into existence. He has created everything. The writer of the song goes on to say how God looks down upon the whole human race, He knows each one, He made each heart, so He understands everything they do.

The God that holds all of creation together, the God that knows every single human heart, this All-Knowing One has plans for me that can never be shaken!

His track record can be trusted.

His success rate is very high.

His reliability rate is 100% guaranteed

The key is for me to trust Him and surrender to Him.


I may not understand the path I’m traveling. I may wonder why isn’t life turning out the way I thought it would. I may not can see how God can turn this circumstance into anything good. Will my hopes and dreams ever be fulfilled?

But, if I trust Him……

If I wait on Him……

If I put my hope in Him……..

God will prove Himself faithful. He is so Faithful.

If I surrender to Him….

If I acknowledge that His way is best….

If I seek Him with all my heart…..

God will accomplish what He has purposed! And, it will be Good!

Whatever circumstance you are going through, I pray you are encouraged in the Sovereignty of God’s plans for your life.

Read the entire Psalm 33. Discover for yourself the goodness of God as He carries the entire universe in the palm of His Hands.

He offers you His help, His shield, and His unfailing love as you trust in Him and put your hope in Him.


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