How are You going to Make it through the Day?

These 14 hour days are exhausting.

I’m sure you know the drill…, meetings, appointments, supper, laundry, and dishes. There are all the things you have to do and all the things you should do. Is there any time for the things you want to do?

How are you going to make it through the day?

I don’t mean if you make it through the day because experience tells me you will get to the end of the day. Eventually, you will clock in your 12, 14, or more hours of the allotted time for the day. We’ve talked about making the most of the day. You will get through most of what you have to get done for that day. For better or worse, you will finally get to the end of the day.

Rather, the question is HOW are you going to make it through the day?

By ‘how’, I mean what attitudes and actions are you going to exhibit while you are getting through your day?

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Early one morning while having my devotions. The house was quiet and the sun had not yet risen. The day was stretched out before me with all its tasks and to-do’s. A portion of the Scripture reading was Psalm 113:3:

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord‘s name is to be praised.

Then, a fresh revelation sparked in my spirit like the first ray of sunshine in the morning.  I knew this, but I needed to hear it again. I saw in that verse my day spread out before me. I’m up before the sun, and I have many things to accomplish before the sun goes down. How am I going to conduct myself through this day?

I will praise His Name!

I will have a worshipful attitude while I do all the things He’s given me to do for this day!

I will focus on Jesus’ glory and His goodness. I will meditate on His Love and His Holiness!

Yes! That’s how I will make it through this day!

The alternative is not pretty.

If I complain, grumble, and criticize my way through this day, I’ll be miserable and infect everyone around me in the process. I’m sad to say this happens more than I wish to admit.

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But if I focus on the Lord and on His greatness, I will receive the great benefit of His love, joy and peace carrying me through all my tasks and to-do’s.

You see, if I focus on my circumstances and what I’m doing (because I may or may not like what’s going on that day), those things can fluctuate and change taking my attitude right along with them.

However, God, who is constant no matter my circumstance or attitude for the day, is steady and does not change. He is worthy to be praised no matter what’s on my agenda or how it affects me. In fact, praising Him despite my circumstances is His very wonderful, perfect will for me!

Then, when I lay my head down on the pillow at night, I can be full and overflowing of gratitude because God not only got me through this day, but He helped me staying focused on Him in praise!


Praise His Name to make it through the day!

How do you keep a praise in your heart and on your lips?

How does praising God keep you going through the day?

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