Women of the Way

Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

What God wants most of all……

Remember when we talked about how much God delights in us? We also talked about how much God takes delight when we do what we were created to do. We love to ‘do’ stuff. It makes us feel good when we ‘do’ something. We want to feel productive and successful and useful. It’s in our nature to ‘do’ stuff. It’s no different when it comes to the worship of God. […]

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God Delights in Me when I do this….

I am a list maker. I really like need to check my responsibilities off my list. I feel productive and effective when I am able to accomplish all the tasks on my list. If I am not careful, I can make my Christian life a to-do list. I mentioned before about all the things I’m supposed to do that will make God happy. If I want to please Him, I […]

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We’re supposed to delight in God, but does He delight in us?

It takes a lifetime to delight in God. In my effort to live for Him, the struggle against my flesh to do the disciplines I know I’m supposed to do isn’t always easy. I wrote back in the summer about discipline turning into delight which has been a beautiful journey. Like any relationship it takes intentional thought and practice to delight in someone. With learning any skill, it takes practice […]

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