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When You Understand How God Feels Proud Like a Parent

My kids have been making me so proud here lately. You know all the things- honor roll, high test scores, athletic banquet etc, etc… One girl rocked the house with a hilarious comedy routine at the talent show. Another girl, although backstage, shown brightly with her attitude of serving and encouragement. And yet another girl tried something new and stretched her boundaries just a bit while that one boy¬†displayed¬† just […]

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To Be Fully Known

We sing the worship songs “I want to Know You more”, ‘Knowing You”, “More Love, More Power”, “The More I seek You….” We proclaim our desire is to become closer to God, one with God. With sincere hearts, we sing and pray about how we want to know God more. With good intentions, we attempt, in our human abilities, to understand Him, comprehend Him, and dwell in His presence. This […]

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My Journey through Lent

My journey through began by asking a question. Father, what areas of my life need to be radically changed by Your Love? Lent (for those who are non-liturgical) is the 40 day period which begins after Mardi Gras on Ash Wednesday and ends on Palm Sunday. It is a time of reflection and penitence to prepare one’s heart for the celebration of the Resurrection. Lent, for me, began with a […]

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