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Summer Gardening: A Decision, a Discipline, and a Delight

I’ve enjoyed sharing this little spin on Summer Gardening by growing in spiritual disciplines and in Christian life. My summer of turning the soil (silence and solitude), soaking in Living Water (worshipping in His Presence), and fertilizing the soil (reading and listening to good books) has been and continues to be really wonderful!!! It’s been a delight, but it hasn’t always been. In summers past, I slept late everyday.  I […]

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Summer Gardening: Rich, Dark Soil

You gotta have rich, dark soil. Any good gardener or farmer will tell you that. After years and years of growing a crop or a flower bed, the earth gets depleted of its nutrients and its substance. The ground gets stale from constantly bearing fruit. It’s no different with my heart. After a season (or many seasons) of output and productivity, my heart becomes depleted of its nutrients and substance. […]

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Summer Gardening: Soaking in His Presence

The most satisfying experience in all my existence is being the in the presence of God. Out of all the pleasures that are ours to enjoy….eating, sleeping, playing, satisfaction in completing a task or job, reading, learning, nature, friends, music, art…or even chocolate……none compare to being in God’s Presence. Only the love for a child and the embrace of intimacy even come close. These God-given, human experiences delight us and […]

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