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Encouragement- Be a Cheerleader!

Summer break is getting start early! WhooHoo!! Now, if the weather and COVID-19 will only cooperate, the kids and I can get going on our favorite summer activity….SWIMMING! We swim for fun every summer, but a few years ago, we tried our first attempt at an organized sport. I unconsciously (or maybe consciously) picked the swim team because I was on the swim team when I was a kid. Coincidently, […]

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Fighting the Spread of Discouragement

Discouragement spreads like a virus, and we need to flatten the curve! I don’t know about you….but, it’s easy to get infected! Being at home has been really good for my family and me. It’s been like a sabbatical- rest, retrospection, and being reset. (I know it hasn’t been for everyone- I wish it could be!) Even though I am enjoying this extra long staycation, there have been times I’ve […]

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Learning Not to Take Life for Granted

It all started happening like a series of dominoes falling one right after another. School let out which is my job. Sporting events, concerts, movies, and entertainment closed. Then, businesses of all kinds shut down- restaurants, salons, clothing stores. One right after another…the dominoes just kept falling. Right along with it, fell church gatherings and worship services. Then, family gatherings were even affected. Family dinners, birthday parties, seeing loved ones…all […]

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