Women of the Way

Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

It hasn’t been my best week. It’s been one of those weeks when I got blind sided (spiritually and emotionally) and it was painful. A few days later, I got up early one morning and staggered to my devotional time, opening the Word in an effort nourish myself with the Bread. I open to the book of John where I’ve been reading for weeks. And, there it was. The words […]

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Don’t take it for Granted

I take the Gospels for granted. Not the “Good News” about Jesus but rather the Gospels- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Growing up in church and living most of my life as a Christian, I can take them for granted. I’ve read and heard the stories of Jesus’ life so often, heard so many sermons from common parables that I have the tendency to think “oh, yeah, I got that”. […]

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