Women of the Way

Becoming Passionate, Devoted Followers of Christ

A Lesson in Silence…

I learned a lesson in silence this morning…… I’m trying this summer to get up early for prayer and devotions before the kids get up. It’s hard for it to be completely quiet because I have one big-eyed girl who wakes with the sun. For the most part, however, the house is fairly quiet, and I can get some much needed devotional time. This morning was a little different. As […]

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Mundane or Ministry??

In this pursuit in becoming more like Christ,  I have to stop and ask “am I allowing God to use every area of my life for Him?” Even though I have been raised in the church, a Christian most of my life, and I love working and serving in ministry, I have been confronted with the areas of my life that I don’t allow God to use as “ministry” . […]

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“Lord, I want to be a reflection of Your love. Lord, I want to be a mirror of Your Grace. Refine me by Your fire, drawing out impurities Until all it is You see is Jesus’ face.” I want to know Jesus. Really know Him. I want my relationship with Christ to be deeply intimate and profoundly personal. I want to talk with Him and hear his voice like a […]

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