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Friday Finds

Don’t you just love finding neat websites and blogs on the web?? I do!! And, when I do, I think everybody needs to see this!.  Bloggers have great stuff to share like Bible studies, planners, study guides, ministry tips, and printable. Most of it is for free if you sign up for their newsletter or to receive their blog. Seeing all this downloadable stuff makes me want to dream up […]

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From His Birth to Resurrection: Mary and Martha

Has there ever been a woman in your life in which you had conflict, contentions or just rubbed you the wrong way? Never, right?? Suuuure………… Continuing with the Women in the Life of Christ series, this question makes me think of the well-known Bible sister-duo: Mary and Martha. We love those gals, don’t we? Mary and Martha’s journey is so classic and life applicable to our own journeys. We’ve heard so […]

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Don’t take it for Granted

I take the Gospels for granted. Not the “Good News” about Jesus but rather the Gospels- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Growing up in church and living most of my life as a Christian, I can take them for granted. I’ve read and heard the stories of Jesus’ life so often, heard so many sermons from common parables that I have the tendency to think “oh, yeah, I got that”. […]

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