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Seek Christ

So many people are living in difficult and painful situations. So much unrest and upheaval in such a short period of time. So many changes and so much weirdness. There are so many voices and so many opinions out there right now, I don’t want to add to the clutter or the noise. I”ve been quietly seeking the Lord for what to say. How to encourage. The answer was there […]

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Best of 2019: Heroes, Thorns and Unity

Can you believe we’ve come to the end of 2019? Wow!! Even more so…..can you believe we’ve come to the end of the decade??? Crazy!!!! Looking back over the year, it’s great to reflect over what we’ve done and where God has brought us. Another way to do that is to look at the posts that have resonated with you through the year. I’ve never done this before so I […]

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